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On August 26th of 2020, amidst the bubbled NBA playoffs, the…

An illustration for Edgar Allan Poe’s , by Harry Clarke

Few pieces of popular literature will enjoy anything close to the effect Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has had on our society. As both a piece of fiction in of itself and a separately understood entity within modern nomenclature, the understanding of a basic personal duality has…

A star.

Though movie-going as a whole is something of a dying medium, the space for certain kinds of films is rapidly shrinking. In the age of Marvel movies, what we’ve found people are willing to travel to the cinema for are galactic, serialized, blockbuster hits- at least more than anything else…

Nicó Morales

Freelance football analyst and writer | Featured on NBCSN | host of The Weekly Rondo Podcast | inquiries:

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